Unlock The Power of DevOps : Simplified Mini Guide for Absolute Beginners to Get Started on a DevOps Journey like a Pro

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DevOps is a rapidly growing field and is a lucrative career option to advance both in terms of technology and career growth.

Skilled DevOps professionals are highly in demand.

DevOps is a prominent field to explore if you are aiming to give your software career a boost. However, before embarking on the DevOps journey, it is equally important to know all the details around it such as core concepts, roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer, tools & technologies to master and so on.

This instant starter mini book will help you get started to know everything you should know as a DevOps engineer to better shape up your career in the DevOps world. This book takes a step-by-step approach and explains the required details in simple words which makes it easy to grasp the overall concepts.

By end of this book, you would have a complete bird eye view on DevOps along with the details on some important key aspects to kickstart your DevOps journey.

The book has five chapter as listed below

  1. Getting familiar with DevOps : helps to understand about devops in simple words, in technical terms, from organization's standpoint and from a developer's viewpoint
  2. Putting on the DevOps engineer's hat : is about how to get started as a DevOps engineer by understanding the key fundamental aspect such as Development side as well as Ops side of DevOps
  3. The heart of DevOps : enables to understand the key role of DevOps engineer and what's the heart of DevOps overall
  4. The cutting-edge advantage : talks about how being a DevOps engineer has cutting-edge advantages in the modern era of software world
  5. Gearing up : is all about knowing tools, you need to learn being a DevOps engineer, which are widely being used across organizations in DevOps eco-system

About the author : Ramesh Chauhan is having an experience of more than a decade and a half plus in the software industry. Having previously worked in some of the IT giant companies, he is presently working with a leading product based organization as a software architect.

He is passionate about technology and believes in technology agnostic mindset, which has helped him to excel in his career, where he has worked on multiple technologies such as Java technology stack, Microsoft technology stack, Alfresco ECM product suite, Salesforce and various cloud based technologies.

He has extensive experience architecting and developing cloud agnostic applications. He has played various roles starting from software developer to software architect and leading development teams.

He believes in fast learning approach and emphasis on key areas to speed up the learning curve while learning any new tools or technology. He knows the pain points a software professional will go through when it comes to learn and explore new concepts and technologies. Hence, he takes a methodology to explain the technology jargons and concepts in very simple words, which makes it easy to understand for a beginner.

Connect with him at techfundas.in@gmail.com

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Unlock The Power of DevOps : Simplified Mini Guide for Absolute Beginners to Get Started on a DevOps Journey like a Pro

0 ratings
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